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Tips On Safety When Using The Segway Minipro

Safety on the Segway MiniPro

Tip 1: Learn how to operate the Segway before attempting to use it alone.

Read the user manual thoroughly. It is strongly advised that you seek instruction from someone who is qualified and experienced in operating Segway’s. If not at least watch all of the videos about how to ride the Segway MiniPro

Practice with people around you that know Segway’s before heading off on your own.

At the very start, always have a spotter when you first climb on and practice. At least there will be someone to pick up the pieces if you make a mistake

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Tip 2: Make sure your Segway is fully charged by monitoring the battery indicator on the LCD panel.

Ensure that the kickstand is fully functioning and holding the Segway upright. Ensure that the steering arm is correctly aligned for your body height

Tip 3: Safety Equipment for the Segway MiniPro

Firstly lets look at the Safety Equipment we need to consider when riding any of the Segway MiniPro style sccoters or private transport robots.

For a start never ride the minipro without at least a helmet , contact with the ground at 12kph is damaging and can lead to death – its that simple.

Recommended at the start is at least

Item 1 :   Helmet one that complies with one of the following (read the review)

  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets and ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards
  • Complies with CE EN 1078 – Helmets for pedal cyclist skateboarders, & roller skaters
  • Complies with AS/NZS 2063 – Bicycle Helmets

Item 2:   Elbow Pads and Knee pads  (read the review)

Using these are not only confidence builders but they are there when you hit the groun , these should be used specifically for the younger generation among us that will be tempted to get to the top speed early on in training.

Tip 4: The Top Tip

Stop your Segway before getting off it. Don’t let go of a Segway that is still in balance mode or it will continue to travel away from you and could potentially collide with someone or something.

Tip 5: Think ahead.

As with riding a any bike, scooter, or any other wheeled form of transportation that interacts with traffic and pedestrians, stay alert all of the time and react ahead of things happening.

  • Slow down (and stop if needed) at crossings, intersections, group of people, driveways, around corners, doorways or other low hanging areas, etc.
  • Get out of the way of cars, cyclists, and other traffic. Realize that often you can’t be seen or heard, or people may not equate a Segway with being something they need to stop for.
  • Avoid iPod oblivion or cell phone distractions. Don’t use MP3 players or cell phones while operating the Segway.
  • Don’t drink and ride.

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Tip 6: Watch out for obstacles. If there are things in the way of your Segway, they have the potential to knock you off or create a collision. It’s up to you to see them, which can be difficult if you’re distracted by sightseeing or chatting. Common objects that cause problems include park benches, light poles, signposts, and trees.[6]

  • Avoid holes, curbs, and steps when using the Segway. Remember that A Segway can easily trip up on such obstacles.
  • Don’t take your Segway down a steep slope. Doing so will cause it to unbalance, and it’s very likely that you’ll be thrown out.
  • Don’t ride a Segway on any surface that is slippery, such as ice (including black ice, be aware!), snow, wet grass, oily or greasy areas, or wet floors.

Tip 7: Don’t ride over loose items such as branches, pebbles, rocks, broken glass, etc. These can cause the Segway to lose traction and tip you out.

Tips 8 to 13

  • 8. Know your height. You become taller on a segway; keep this in mind when going under doorways, bridges, and other overhanging structures!
  • 9. If using Segways for work purposes, ensure that all personnel are adequately trained in its use and safety.
  • 10. Deal with faults immediately.
  • 11. Segways have a minimum weight requirement which prevents children from riding them. Be sure to adhere to this.
  • 12. Read the segway rider’s guide thoroughly before using the segway.
  • 13. No wheelies or other stunts. A one-wheel only Segway is a Segway about to tip over and take you with it. If you’re keen about stunt riding, buy a bike.

Segways MiniPro Ninebot are not designed to carry more than one person; don’t give anyone else a ride on a Segway.

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Tip 14: Avoid pedestrians. You are moving faster than pedestrians and some pedestrians won’t even hear your approach. Always be on the alert for avoiding them, and be ready to call out if anything goes wrong before you can brake.

Generally, keep to the right of the sidewalk in countries with right side drive and keep to the left of the footpath in countries with left side drive, unless your pedestrian traffic norms are different. Heed all local rules about use of sidewalks.

Tip 15: Keep to solid, even ground. Segways are not designed for to rough a terrain. The NinPro MiniPro is designed to travel over some hilly terrain given the inflatable tyres however be aware of the limits and remember that

  • Any abrupt terrain change may cause problems for your safety, such as riding from grass to pavement, speed bump, etc. Do this slowly and with care

Tip 16: Avoid speeding. The Segway will warn you if you’re going too fast,

Indoors, keep to a slow walking pace, stay in the center of corridors as much as possible, give way to every person, and don’t take the Segway where it’s not permitted.

Outdoors, aim to keep to a fast walking pace, again giving way to pedestrians and being very careful when going around corners.

Tip 17: Avoid abrupt maneuvers when riding a Segway. Although the Segway is able to sense your movement and aims to re-balance you, this mechanism may not be able to rectify your balance if you move too abruptly forward or backward.

  • Don’t turn a segway too fast.
  • Remember that fast turns can cause you to lose control;
  • Always lean into a turn and take it slowly.
  • Don’t stop or start a Segway too fast.
  • Don’t ride backward. This ability is meant only for manoeuvring out of a tight spot or turning around, not for travel.

Tip 18: Be Aware at all times and Obey all local rules, ordinances, and regulations about where it is legal and not legal to ride Segways.

There are more safety tips however a lot of them are common sense and over time you will become accustomed to using your segway minipro and as you do you will become aware of the do’s and don’t’s of the segway minpro.

Note: For a full review of the safety equipment – look under the heading Safety Gear in the menu or simply click here –

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