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Review of the Segway Mini Pro

Looking to buy a Segway Mini Pro?

Well the truth will out as many manufacturers have stated over the years and the fact is that Segway is back and it is back with a brand new concept in what some are terming the Ninebot Transportation Robot, others are simply calling it the Segway Mini Pro , me I call it great fun and enjoyment and cheap to run

Whatever you decide to call it , there new item is for sale online with Amazon at the moment for a special rate of just under $650 USD

We must acknowledge that the cost will be down as this is the mini version however it appears that they have done some serious marketing and the costs are down to stay.

What you get with the Segway Mini Pro is the full Segway technology that made the original brand iconic.

Lets not forget that to some of us the MniPro can often be termed with the NineBot MiniPro and to some this is simply as a self balancing Scooter and to others it is simply a Sports Scooter . I have no doubt whatever they call it in the end it will be Fun.

What we must release for those that do not know is that

Segway was bought by Ninebot, a Major Chinese tech company, for an undisclosed amount last year after facing some sort of import ban, in the US, on copy cat products.

This has led to the naming problems with some of the sellers to be the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro Scooter, and note the wording this is also a mini scooter or transportation robot it is not a hoverboard . so the fear of the scooter bursting into flames has gone.

For us and for those that have tested the self balancing scooter the Segway Mini Pro is a very affordable item that will bring you and your family all the fun but without all the cost.

However do not underestimate this scooter it is a very good and reliable transport system for the 30km or so that it averages on the standard charge , traveling at 10 to 14 km and hour and weighing in it aprox 28 lbs it can easily be stored in a standard boot allowing you to in some states and countries to take this on the train and use it as an inner city form of transport. More on how to achieve this later.

One of the things we noticed is that it is a chick magnet or guy magnet and it does attract attention, and while it comes in the two main colours of Black and White it is a startling item when it is buzzing along.

What we need to know:

  • It is easy to ride and with little or no time at all you can be mobile safely – watch the video below
  • It connects to an app – yes it connects ( via Bluetooth) and will come to you when you call – and as a plus you can lock it to avoid others using it- make it thief proof!
  • It packs into the boot of your car and is easy to handle
  • It has as a extra top end handle that allows the owner to manage it when walking
  • It is wider than normal so avoiding pedestrian traffic is a must but t does warn you
  • It will travel on soft surfaces, sand, grass, and bush tracks allowing you to take it off road
  • Steering the system is done by using your knees on the steering column in the middle of the system , easy to handle and takes little or no time to master

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Take Note: That the centre steering column is adjustable and allows your kids to use it and allows you to adjust it to use your knees (inside of them) to assist the steering leaving hands free for other matters

With safety in mind, and when riding it at night, Segway have included a set of white LED lights on the front, and colored LED lights on the rear –

those can be adjusted to display differing colors via the app – on the back. In addition when you turn, the rear lights will flash in the direction of the turn and act as brake lights when you come to a stop

Reliable Safety Day & Night – from the Manufacturer

Automatic headlights, customizable LED taillights, and a strict safety test ensure that you remain safe while riding, day or night, rain or shine.

Who else is reviewing the Segway MiniPro 

Before we move on to discuss the driving force behind the MiniPro Segway we need to consider other resources that have reviewed the Segway as we are doing , the staff at Reviews.com have completed their review and have in doing so come to the same conclusion as we have that it is a well thought out design and performs well in any number of terrains. Feel free to drop by and have a read of their review at any time.

What Drives the Segway System

There are two 800 watt motors that turn or spin a pair of 10.5 inch pneumatic air filled tires,– these provide ride comfort that exceeds that of the standard scooters we are used too.

The tyres are covered by fenders on either side in the event you drive through wet conditions or through  debris preventing the tyres from spraying you or anyone following you.

In addition for comfort the NinePro company or Sedgway tech staff , have included a suspension system which adjusts your ride comfort based on the type of ground you are riding over allowing you to drive on concrete , hard sand grass and even bush walks where others have trodden the ground down.

Keeping the system clean and providing added (military level) shock absorption are two rubber mats , situated where you place your feet. allowing you to wipe it down quite easily

It should be stated that for the first few rides keep them short until you get used to riding and steering with your knees and taking the bumps in your feet and lower legs. It did cause aches and some mild muscle discomfort for us so until you are accustomed to that level of work take it easy. In my case the quads felt it as well from using them to hold the steering system and the pressure of using the knees to steer. ( I have one metal knee)

App Control & Anti-theft

Use the app to unlock the short riding tutorial and adjust light colors, modify safety features, operate the miniPRO via remote control, and more.

Most importantly, use the app to lock the miniPRO with a tamper-proof anti-theft alarm that triggers a phone warning if someone attempts to move it!

*Requires: iOS version 7.0 and up or Android version 4.3 and up

Other Factors that matter

Top Speed 10-12 mph
Motors 2x 800 watt
Weight 28 lbs
Length and Width 10.3 x 21.5″
Range 14 miles
Battery Charge Time 4 hours from 0%
Height 3′ 11″ to 6′ 6″
Tire Size and Type 10.5″ Pneumatic
Max Climbing Angle 15 degrees
Normal Colours  Black and White

Here are the Stats and Information from the Manufacturer

  • The Segway MiniPro Connects to the mobile app via Bluetooth for full features: remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • Appropriate age-16-60. UL 2272 Certified unit meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renown global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories
  • 220 lbs payload, light-weight, and durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and 10.5 inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption capability

Summary from Me

This is a new form of transportation. Step on a Segway miniPRO and you will feel the speed and magic of the latest technology.  This amazing device automatically keeps you balanced and learns to read your movements.

Its so simple that If You Want to go forward? Lean forward. -Use your knees to go left and right and turn around

The high-performance, cutting-edge control technology works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The miniPRO can cope easily with all normal road conditions. Go wherever, whenever. Explore the wonder of the Segway miniPRO and look for new adventures.

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Review Data for the Segway Mini Pro Scooter
Review Data for the Segway Mini Pro Scooter
Ease of Use
Value and Cost Effective

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