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A review of the Segway Ninepro Mini Scooter

A review of the Segway Ninepro Mini Scooter

What is the Segway Mini Pro and Why is it the best scooter and personal transportation system or robot on the market

At less than $800usd the Segway MiniPRO immediately sets the bar for what all self-balancing scooters should be.

While to some this is known as Segway miniPRO  , the device bears only a limited resemblance to previous hoverboards. In fact the question is “ Is this a Hoverboard a Scooter or a Tranportation Robot”

First of all, with a 21.5-inch width x 10.3-inch depth and standing at 20-inch high, using a pair of inflatable 10-.5 inch wheels, and at a weight of 28 pounds the Segway miniPRO is considerably larger than any hoverboard model.

Thankfully it only arrives in two parts. There is the wheeled platform and then the steering bar,

This what we attach to what Ninebot calls the “mainframe.” It more than easily slides on to a metal neck and then locks

If you are short or tall in stature you can adjust the height of the steering bar to meet the inside of your knees. The point at which you steer the whole platform.

Your may well arrive fully charged, but to be sure you may want to charge it overnight with the included, UL-certified charger.

The Segway miniPRO body has just one button, for power, and a few indicator lights: battery level, lock, Bluetooth connection and one to indicate if you’re going too fast.

To power up the Segway, you simply press the power button and it immediately starts balancing itself.

Having taking my time to ride a number of these so called transportation systems, this one turned out to be quite simple.

I simply did as the instructions recommended I stepped onto one side with one foot, waited for a beep, then step onto the other side of the platform ( notice the rubber footmats)

If anything, the Ninebot riding platform, though higher off the ground than a standard hover board, is easier to mount than anything else I’ve ridden before.

Once you have arranged the height of the knee pads on the central column to be in line with your knees you will find that it steers quite simply with pressure exerted right and left to go right and left as well as leaning forward and back.

It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable steering this way. Even so, I could only travel at a max speed of 4.3 mph for the first kilometer.

When you set up the scooter with the app on your mobile devise you will need to start your riding in that is called the apprentice mode . When you do this you will find that you have some speed restrictions.

In fact of you go to fast, the will beep and lean back a little. At first this feels oddbut it does get your attention and you soon slow down.

When you pass the apprentice mode, you will be able to ride at speeds of up to 10 mph.

No matter the speed, the Segway miniPRO is quiet, smooth and responsive, a real joy to ride. It can stop on a dime, and it allows you to weave in and out of groups of people with the subtlest of body movements.

In fact it also handles going up and down hills with ease — It never feels like it will pitch you forward or backward off the platform. (It’s actually rated for up to15-degree inclines.

For simplicity it comes with a lift guide bar that slides up out of the steering bar when you’re not riding. You can use this to guide the miniPRO with just one finger. At 28 lbs it is not easy to carry so be aware of that possible restriction if going up and down stairs.

You must iinstall the Segway App tp ride the machine as it controls what you can and can not do Neither you nor the kids can ride it without doing so, the Segway miniPRO will prompt you, non-stop, with an annoying beep until you finally install the app and finish the initial product walk-through.

When connected you will need to pair the app with the Sedgway via Bluetooth at which point the app immediately takes you through seven screens of safety and riding advice.

Once again you cannot skip this, and each screen displays for five seconds. The safety tutorial warns you that inappropriate riding could kill you and that the Segway miniPRO will automatically slow down if you’re going too fast.

It lets you know that children under 3.37 feet and 88 pounds shouldn’t ride the device. Plus even after you’ve read through all that, Ninebot is not quite ready to allow you to remove the training wheels:

For more information on the pros and cons of the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro go to

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